CH Affinity Highlight WCX JH RN

(February 10th, 2005)

    Stitch is a very bright puppy who is showing tremendous potential as a working dog.  Almost as soon as his eyes could focus, he would watch all the birds who flew through our yard.  By the time he was 9wks old, he would retrieve goose wings from clear across the yard.....a distance of 60+ feet away.  Stitch's energy and desire to work has continued as he grew up.  He is very quick to learn and is learning blind work for his Senior Hunter title.  He also shows a lot of promise as an obedience  and agility competitor.  He also completed his show championship easily which included a 4 and a 5 point win at our annual Christmas booster.  Recently, he won a Judges Award of Merit at the Canadian National Specialty, beating over 120 other Flatcoats.

    Stitch is still very much a baby and loves to hurl himself onto your lap and then lay on his back in your arms, just like he did when he was little.  His goal is to get a tummy rub and doesn't see his adult size as being a problem.  He has one of the most engaging personalities and endears himself to everyone he meets with his smile.  That smile is at it's widest with something in his mouth because he just can't help being so pleased with himself.


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