MACH Am CH Ardrossan Inchmarnock UDX WCX MH MX A/C CH. Artic Sun's Wingover Chat WCX MH QAA A/C CH. Coldstream Night Ranger CDX WCX SH A/C CH. Butterblac's Excalibur CDX WC
Am CH Grousemoor Latigo of Wyndham
A/C CH. Katoc's Artic Sun Double Scoop CD WC Am CH Whazthat's Chocolate Mousse
Am CH Katoc Sundance
A/C CH. Ardrossan Glen Albyn WC JH A/C CH. Quillquest Falcon WCX AFC Am CH Jon-Lee's Spring Valley Atari CDX WCX MH
A/C CH. Quillquest Eurydice CDX WCX
A/C CH. Riverly Run For The Roses CD WC Am CH Grousemoor Doctor J
A/C CH. Riverly Wood Widgeon CD WC JH
Can CH Affinity Dance Smartly CDX WCI JH A/C CH. Alkhamhurst First Admiral EngSH CH Lacetrom Cardow of Bordercot Eng CH Bordercot Guy
Branchalwood Tanna of Lacetrom
Waverton Muscadet At Alkhamhurst Glidesdown Kingfisher
Eng CH Waverton Katinka
Can CH Crossraguel Charms Affinity CD WC A/C CH. Grousemoor Dexmoor Torch WC A/C CH. Jemadar of Casuarina CDX WCX SH
Am CH Grousemoor Sweet Lou CD TD WC JH
Am CH Savvy Crossraguel Dream CD WC JH Am CH Grousemoor Northern Song CDX TDX WCX SH
A/C CH. Grousemoor Poppyseed Salute CDX WCX SH

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