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    Tycho started his show career by taking Winners Dog at the FCRSC Canadian National Specialty under Flatcoat breeder/judge Rosalie Brady for 5pts.  He followed up the next day with a 4pt win, leaving him 1pt and 1 judge shy of his championship.  That was sorted out in short order.

    Other than a few special occasions, Tycho did not spend anymore time in the show ring.  Instead he turned his talents to Flyball and Scent Hurdling where he excelled and earned his advanced titles.  He also earned his CD in obedience, but compared to the excitement of Flyball and Scent Hurdling, obedience wasn't his favourite activity.

    But first and foremost, Tycho was Danielle & Tony's running and hiking buddy, and best friend.  Together they climbed mountains and he is sorely missed.

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(Tycho is the Angel)


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