Can/Am CH Affinity Big Boned Gal CD WCI JH, Am CD JH WCX

    Sephe was the spitting image of her dam Sierra; not only in appearance, but also in personality and talent.  Originally sold as "just a pet", Sephe wasn't introduced to field work until 2yrs of age and with minimal training, she quickly completed her basic field titles.  The WCI and Am. WCX were achieved shortly thereafter.  Sephe also earned 2 legs towards her Senior Hunter title on her first 2 attempts.

    Sephe was slow to mature, but once she started to develop, her championships were completed quickly.  In the US, she won 3 majors (a 3pt, a 4pt and a 5pt) in one weekend.  In Canada, she was a group placer.

    Tragically, Sephe died much too young and before she fulfilled her enormous potential.  Losing her, especially so soon after the death of her mother Sierra, broke the hearts of all who loved her.  But I will always be very proud of this lovely, and loving, dog.

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